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Everything DiSC® is a personal development learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model.


The Five Behaviors® empowers teams to rethink their approach to teamwork and shape new behaviors—taking your teams and organization to the next level.


If you are an organization that uses more than 25 DiSC reports per year you may be interested in opening an EPIC (Epic Profile Information Center) Sub Account.


After many years of developing leaders and building and leading high performance teams I leverage years of experience to help leaders of small to medium size corporations sharpen their leadership skills and build high performing teams. 


I am a professionally certified leadership coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation. With over 20 years of success coaching leaders at all levels, I specialize in senior level to mid-level leaders with experience in virtual team leadership.


  • Interactive Workshops / Team Builders

  • Virtual Lunch N Learns

  • Keynote

  • Panel Expert


Speaker content is customized for each client.

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