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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

I am a certified executive coach, recognized by the International Coaching Federation, with over 20 years of experience specializing in senior to mid-level leaders.


Whether through one-on-one, group, or virtual coaching, I provide clients with the tools and accountability to set achievable goals and improve performance measurably.

I work with clients whose intent and impact are misaligned, impacting their effectiveness. Employing an intuitive coaching style, I help them identify obstacles hindering optimal performance, leading to positive results.

As an executive coach, I've also assisted leaders worldwide in refining their presentation delivery for greater impact, effective message conveyance, and audience engagement at all levels.

Frederica Peterson

As an Authorized Partner I am empowered to transform the "Everything DiSC" Management Application Suite and 'The Five Behaviors" into customized solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges of today’s workplace.

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