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DiSC/EPIC Sub Accounts

DiSC/EPIC Sub Accounts


If you are an organization that uses more than 25 DiSC reports per year you may be interested in opening a EPIC (Epic Profile Information Center) Sub Account. This is also ideal for independent consultants and facilitators that do a high volume of DiSC reports and would benefit from being able to customize the cover page of the report with your logo and contact information to brand your services. 


Who could benefit from a EPIC Sub Account

  • You plan on adopting or you have adopted DiSC as a standard tool for every employee in your organization. 

  • You plan on or have already received your certification in Everything DiSC and will be running cohorts that will be taking these assessments regularly throughout the year. 

  • As an independent coach or consultant you use the Everything DiSC report for coaching and / or training your clients. 

  • Everything DiSC is a part of your culture and everyone in your organization is required to go through the training and your leadership team uses reporting to monitor the health of the culture and utilization of DiSC practices within the organization.

Sub Account Benefits
  • Access to the new Catalyst Everything DiSC Online platform

  • Ability to generate reporting for all Everything DiSC products - Workplace, Agile EQ, Management, Work of Leaders, Sales and Productive Conflict.

  • 24/7 flexibility and control to originate and administer your own Everything DiSC assessments and reports

  • Personalize the Everything DiSC report cover with your logo, contact and company information

  • Access to all of your participants' DiSC reports and the ability to organize participants by team

  • Purchase EPIC credits on a volume discount basis

  • Access to The Five Behaviors Programs

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