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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

I have worked with companies of all sizes, non profit to fortune 100 and 500. my experience with audieences from 10 to 1000+

ive been in the learning and dev field for over 30 years, most of that time spent leading large scale teams that integrate with operations, 

Leadership is at the heart of team performance. After many years of developing leaders and building and leading high performance teams I am leveraging my expertise to help leaders of small to medium size corporations sharpen their diversity acumen and leadership skills to build high performing teams.


Organizations that embrace diversity, inclusion and equity are on average 32% more profitable than organizations that do not.  So why do some organizations struggle in this area? Status Quo. We want to be more inclusive, model diversity and create an environment where everyone's unique self is embraced but we don't want to fix anything that doesn't appear to be broken, right? Especially if it may shift the balance of power. 


I help organizations identify gaps in their infrastructure, assess the current health of the culture and provide guidance and recommendations to build a more inclusive, safe and healthy environment for diversity, equity and inclusion so the organization and it’s talent can thrive.

Facilitation and Training

As a seasoned professional facilitator and speaker, I primarily deliver programs and existing material that has been developed by my client.  If asked I can assist in modifying the content to produce the most impactful outcome.

My delivery style is customized to the audience's needs, I can equally engage small groups as well as mass audiences. I have extensive experience in Experiential learning, traditional workshop and keynote styles of delivery.

One of my notable strengths lies in my adeptness at swiftly adjusting my delivery style and approach to align with the unique dynamics and preferences of your organization or audience. This enables me to seamlessly integrate on-the-fly modifications, ensuring optimal engagement and retention throughout the interaction.

Inclusive Leadership Course


This interactive session is designed to build self-awareness and understanding of inclusive leadership practices and behaviors with a focus on the impact of bias on professional work environments. 


This session will be context setting and offer all participants a starting point in understanding how to cultivate and nurture an inclusive culture. Action learning will be applied through role play/case studies and accountability plans to help participants develop a vision and path forward to promote desired outcomes and impacts related to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in their work. 

At the end of this session, participants will…

  • Understand what inclusive leadership means.

  • Identify strategies to recognize unconscious bias and its impact.

  • Identify strategies to manage bias in professional work environments.

  • Develop a vision and plan that supports an inclusive environment in the workplace

Inclusive Leadership Outline
  • Inclusive Leadership Defined

  • Keys to Inclusive Leadership

  • Defining an Inclusive Workplace

  • The Impact of Inclusive Leadership

  • Barriers to Inclusive Leadership

  • The Benefits of Inclusive Leadership to an Organization

  • The Power of Inclusion 

  • Custom Role Plays / Case Studies 

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