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I am a diversity and leadership consultant, coach, teacher,  award-winning author and am the founder of my own leadership consultancy established in 2015.  I have worked with some of the top organizations in the country; CNN, Facebook, Honeywell, NASA, United States Homeland Security, National Basketball Association, Audible and many, many more.             
As an impactful key leader at Verizon Wireless and KPMG I received numerous industry awards and commendations that reflected the passion and dedication I brought to my work developing leaders and leading high performing teams.

Described by my clients as passionate, charismatic, intuitive and result focused, I leverage my expertise to help others sharpen their skills, and increase their leadership effectiveness.

I am a faculty member of the American Management Association and hold a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Professional Certification in Executive Coaching from the Institute for Professional Coaching Excellence.  

As a member of the Executive Learning Council of New Jersey I was honored as a 2015 New Jersey Assembly Resolution Honoree for International Coaching Week , where I was recognized for my  contributions to the coaching field.

I believe, “the heart of every organization is the effectiveness of their leaders; when leaders are strong teams are strong.”  

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