I am a leadership consultant, coach, trainer and award-winning author with a passion for leadership effectiveness.  One thing I know is leadership is at the heart of team performance. After many years of developing leaders and building and leading high performance teams I know what it takes to create high performing teams. I created my consultancy to leverage all of my experience to help leaders of small to medium size corporations sharpen their leadership skills and build high performing teams.


The speed at which we do business is mind-numbing. With meeting the demands of growing a business and speed to market being a primary indicator of success, it's easy for business leaders to get so focused on achieving results they neglect the team that helped them get there. Consistently leading this way can lead to dysfunctional teams, decline in business growth and revenues leaving leaders feeling overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated.  


Getting a fresh perspective on your business and team potential can make the difference from surviving to thriving. I don't sell training; I deliver solutions to drive leadership effectiveness and improve team performance. I build a strong alliance with my clients to achieve the best outcomes by sitting down with the leaders to understand the business, team dynamics and performance goals. Using a diagnostic approach, I am able to deliver the right development solutions to meet the unique needs of the business.

I am regarded by my clients as a highly energetic, knowledgeable consultant, effective keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. My key competency areas are leadership, diversity and inclusion, performance management, corporate culture and communications


If you need a fresh approach and perspective, coupled with high energy and an impactful presence, contact me to schedule a free consultation. 


Frederica Peterson frederica@fredericapterson.com 973-671-5411 New Jersey United States