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Leadership Consultant

After many years of developing leaders and building and leading high performance teams I leverage years of experience to help leaders of small to medium size corporations sharpen their leadership skills and build high performing teams....Read more

Certified Leadership Coach

Leadership is at the heart of team performance.  My passion and specialty is team performance coaching for leaders because a leader is only as strong as the team they lead.... Read more

Leadership Trainer

I have been delivering workshops and keynotes in person and online for over 25 years. I led large scale sales and customer service learning teams for close to 15 years. As a freelance facilitator I have been sought out for my expertise in leadership development and Diversity and Inclusion training...Read more

Diversity Consultant

Organizations that embrace diversity, inclusion and equity are on average 32% more profitable that organizations that do not.  So why do some organizations struggle in this area? ... Read more

I am a faculty member of the American Management Association and an Authorized Partner for Everything Disc® and The Five Behaviors®.
Diversity Trainer

As a leader your ability to model and embrace inclusive leadership is directly tied to the way you interact and relate to others.  Unconscious bias is one of the biggest obstacles to inclusive leadership.  There are well over 150 biases that we can struggle with and most of them are tied up in our unconscious minds...Read more

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