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Leadership Wisdom

Today’s corporate population is more diverse than ever before in gender, race and culture. As a leader you have to be careful not to get in the way of progress and potential, for you or for others. In some way I believe we all can relate to this but some struggle with it more than others. We can find it a challenge to relate to people that are different from us, whether it be in the way they think, look or act. In fact we may lose good talent because we can’t see their value past the differences.

We may have exceptionally talented people working for us yet we never see their full potential realized because we can’t get past our “expectations.”

Just because someone does something in a different way from what you are comfortable with or used to doesn’t always make it wrong. You need to consider the end result. When you get out of your own way, you may actually see an incredible landscape that is full of potential. Once clouded with judgment, fear and intimidation now opens up to a place of endless possibilities that we could have never seen with our “tunnel” vision.

Leadership wisdom to live by…

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