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Diversity Consultant

Organizations that embrace diversity, inclusion and equity are on average 32% more profitable that organizations that do not.  So why do some organizations struggle in this area? Status Quo. We want to be more inclusive, model diversity and create an environment where everyone's unique self is embraced but we don't want to fix anything that doesn't appear to be broken, right? Especially if it may shift the balance of power. 


I help organizations identify gaps in their infrastructure, assess the current health of the culture and provide guidance and recommendations to build a more inclusive, safe and healthy environment for diversity, equity and inclusion so the organization and it’s talent can thrive.


Diversity Trainer

As a leader your ability to model and embrace inclusive leadership is directly tied to the way you interact and relate to others.  Unconscious bias is one of the biggest obstacles to inclusive leadership.  There are well over 150 biases that we can struggle with and most of them are tied up in our unconscious minds. 


This training helps leaders understand the 4 stages of competence, how bias can manifest in each of the stages and the impact of bias on inclusive leadership.  Effective communication and Emotional Intelligence are significant competencies that Inclusive Leaders possess. This course includes an Everything DiSC Assessment to help leaders assess their emotional intelligence, leadership effectiveness and communication skills to identify any gaps that may help or hinder their influence and impact as an inclusive leader. 

I am a faculty member of the American Management Association and an Authorized Partner for Everything Disc® and The Five Behaviors®.

Diversity Consultant
Diversiy Trainer
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