​Shifting the Atmosphere with Frederica is a weekly podcast hosted by Frederica Peterson a certified executive and life coach, best selling author, adjunct professor and motivational speaker. 

This interview series highlights people sharing their testimonies, insights and perspectives about their unique experiences in their transition journey. You will meet

 "ordinary people doing extraordinary things." 

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​​Check out my new weekly inspirational program on "Shifting the Atmosphere with Frederica," 'Frederica 'Talks'. This is a weekly inspirational message that are drawn from my blog posts. Listen to this short message that will inspire, motivate and offer you a shift in your perspective through the experiences in my life that have influenced me. 

I hope you will discover your own truth through my revelations that will empower you to rise to a greater level of your capacity and tap into your unrealized potential.


Guest Line Up

"Talking to ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

"Shifting the Atmosphere with Frederica," is a weekly podcast about transition. I talk to people from different levels of success and vocations and have them share the journey that got them where they are today and the lessons they learned along the way.  

My intention for the show is to provide listeners with different perspectives to help expand their consciousness, raise awareness and challenge the thought patterns that tend to get us stuck.

It is my hope that through these discussions you will be able to discover what is possible and ultimately "Shift Your Atmosphere.”

​​​April 2018

Loren Gelberg Goff. "Take Back Your Life: A Discussion for Caregivers"

​Tanisha Day, "Know Your Worth and Your Passion"​​

​Stan Robinson, "Get Strategic with Your Social Media"

Sarah Clark, "Your Body is Always Whispering"

May 2018

Marques Ogden, "Your Set Back is Your Set Up"

Keith Dent, "In the Paint"